Snap-On Smile

The Snap-On Smile dental appliance is a quick, non-invasive, safe, easy, and painless way to address your crooked, chipped or stained teeth and enhance your smile and confidence.

Placing the patented, strong, functional and flexible Snap-On Smile does not involve drilling, dental filings, injections, or adhesives, and it tightly fits over your teeth so that you can speak and eat without worrying about the appliance moving its position. It also does not touch your palate or impinge on your gum tissue, is reversible and easily removable.

So, if you reside in Dublin and surrounding areas, please schedule your appointment by calling Sharma Dental Center at (925) 833-6200 and our well-trained and experienced staff will provide you information about Snap-On Smile and other cosmetic dentistry procedures so that you can get the perfect smile.

What Is The Snap-On Smile Dental Appliance?

The Snap-On Smile utilizes a proprietary and complex dental resin, which is used to create an extremely thin but strong dental device that tightly snaps over your natural teeth. And it instantly transforms your appearance from a chipped, broken, stained and awkward smile.

How Is Snap-On Smile Useful For You?

All of us are expected to and want to look and feel confident and appealing, and your smile is a vital feature of projecting an assured personality. To address misshaped, stained and injured teeth you can opt for expensive dental solutions, but with Snap-On Smile you can save the extra expense and time to achieve your goal.

Snap-On Smile is an affordable, safe and revolutionary dental appliance to give you back your natural, beautiful smile within 2-3 weeks. There’s no need for you to use fake replicas, deal with messy adhesives, or choose invasive dental procedures involving anesthesia. Wear a Snap-On Smile, and look and function better.

The smile-enhancing invention is useful for patients who have been advised that they are not suitable candidates for implants or bridges. It’s also an effective alternative to partial dentures.

​​​​​​​To get started all you need is a brief dental consultation, and our dentist will take photographs and dental impressions of your teeth. We then ask you to choose from some smile shades and shapes for your Snap-On Smile, and within three weeks we design the dental appliance, insert it, and you are back to your confident self.


At the Sharma Dental Center, our staff uses a Snap-On Smile to address the following dental conditions:

  • Address gaps between teeth

  • Restore chipped or cracked teeth

  • Cover up teeth stained due to aging, smoking, etc.

  • Give teeth their natural shape and size

  • Provide a significantly brighter smile

  • Ensure the appearance of an entire set of teeth in case some are missing

Your custom-fit Snap-On Smile slides over your natural teeth and no one can tell whether you are wearing a dental prosthetic or that your teeth appear unnatural. And to care for your Snap-On Smile, buy a cleaning solution and other cleaning supplies from the office of your dentist who can also help you with replacement supplies.

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