Oral Cancer Screening

A timely diagnosis of oral cancer through oral cancer screening is crucial to avoid making it life-threatening. That’s why we at the Sharma Dental Center encourage patients to schedule an oral cancer screening and take preventive steps. The high mortality rate associated with this disease is because people don’t undergo regular oral cancer screening and seek timely help. Lack of oral cancer awareness, even though it kills one person every hour in the country as per the estimates of the Oral Cancer Foundation, is also part of the problem. So, the sooner you know your oral cancer risk the better your chances of overcoming it.

Is oral cancer screening a commonly requested procedure?

No. We recommend that you schedule a screening as soon as possible in case you have never undergone one. Oral cancer screening, which does not cause any discomfort, should be a bi-annual exercise, and if you reside in Dublin or nearby areas, please call (925) 833-6200 for your dental appointment.

What happens in an oral cancer screening procedure?

The aim is to search for signs of abnormal tissue through visible symptoms such as hard lumps, white and red lumps, change in position of your teeth, or rough patches. We also feel your cheeks and the entire inside area of the mouth to identify suspicious lumps. The clinic uses advanced equipment for more exhaustive testing.

How often should I screen for oral cancer?

First, we evaluate risk factors associated with your health and lifestyle profile. And if the risk is high, we recommend that you screen annually.

Who is more inclined to get oral cancer?

More men than women, 2:1, are likely to be diagnosed with oral cancer due to habits such as drinking and smoking. The latest research indicates that particular strains of the HPV virus in teens and seniors may cause oral cancer.

Does Sharma Dental Center treat oral cancer?

No, but we help you to detect it early. We can quickly identify oral cancer symptoms in our regular patients as we are familiar with their dental health and profile. If we observe anything that’s pre-cancer or cancerous, we immediately perform a biopsy for detailed testing. Some patients may be referred directly to a local oncologist for further testing and treatment.

How do I know I should call you?

Examine your mouth for a few seconds after you brush your teeth by running your tongue along your gums, cheeks, and the roof of your mouth. And if you feel lumps, rough patches or bumps, note down your observation. Repeat the exercise in a few days as the lumps and patches can be due to illness or eating abrasive food. But if the bumps persist, call us. You should also watch out for teeth that move without any overt reason as it may be due to cancerous growth.

How can one prevent oral cancer?

Stop chewing smokeless tobacco products as it is the biggest historical risk in developing oral cancer. Smoking of all tobacco products should be stopped and you should limit alcohol intake. Also, limit exposure to sun and prevent sunburns.

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Timely and regular oral cancer screening can save your life. So, if you reside in Dublin, CA, or nearby areas, please call us at (925) 833-6200 to schedule your appointment at our dental clinic.