Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is worn over teeth and is a useful dental appliance to protect your or your loved one’s teeth against injury due to activity-related injury. If you want to avoid dental injury to your only set of permanent teeth, gums and cheeks, please call Sharma Dental Center Dublin, CA, office at (925) 833-6200 and we will get you fitted with a customized mouth guard so that you can participate in any sport or activity without worry.

Millions of Americans of all ages are involved in sports such as soccer, field hockey, boxing, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, and basketball or do mountain biking and skateboarding. And if you are among them, wear a protective mouth guard to avoid injuring your mouth. In fact, basketball is a case in point, as according to the American DentalAssociation basketball players are at higher risk of injury without a mouth guard, and an estimated 200,000 people who play the sport avoid injury due to the use of a night guard.

Are Mouth Guards Too Visible?

No. Sharma Dental Center makes mouth guards using clear plastic that blends into the background. Therefore, there’s little chance if you have already put it in your mouth that people will notice it during a game. But if you require a bright-colored mouth guard for your child, we can create it in our dental office.

Ready-To-Wear Or Dentist-Made Mouth Guards?

A mouth guard is useful if it is convenient to wear, resists tears, durable, easy to clean and does not obstruct speech or breathing. Over-the-counter mouth protectors are ready to wear, inexpensive and can be purchased from department and sporting goods stores. But there’s little you can do to fit them correctly, and they are bulky and make talking and breathing difficult: and most importantly, they don’t provide much protection. Customized mouth guards are designed in a professional laboratory as per your dental specifications. They may be more expensive but offer greater long-term comfort and protection.

Am I At Risk If I Don’t Wear A Mouth Guard?

There’s always a risk of accidents and injuries during a sporting activity, and your loved one breaking a tooth or chipping it due to a fall or a collision. A strong impact can force the tooth upwards into the gums, or it can pierce through the lip or cheek causing pain and an emergency visit to the dentist. You can avoid such situations by using a mouth guard: be it for weekly games or professional sporting events.

Can Only A Dentist Make My Mouth Guard?

Yes, because your dentist creates the mouth guard only after taking your dental measurements and designing a custom-fit mouth protector. And no matter how intense your physical activity, your mouth guard will stay in place, which is not true of ready-to-wear mouth guards.

Are Mouth Guards Affordable?

Yes, they are affordable for you and your family though they may be a bit more expensive than over-the-counter brands. But a dentist-designed mouth guard is of better quality and fits you perfectly.

How Should I Clean My Mouth Guard?

Rinse it immediately after use, and brush it using a soft brush and warm water to avoid plaque build-up. Keep it in a safe case. Don’t apply toothpaste on it as it can be abrasive. For cleaning, you can also utilize a special cleaning solution.

To know how your custom-fit mouth guard can provide dental protection to you and your loved ones against activity-related injury, call us at (925) 833-6200 to arrange your appointment with our Dublin dental office.