LANAP Gum Treatment


Gum disease is something that impacts millions of Americans. In fact, 47.2 percent of adults in America that are over the age of 30-years-old have some form of gum disease. One of the biggest problems with this is that people wait until it is too late to get treatment. If you start treatment early, you can fight back against the gum disease so that you do not end up with loose teeth or, even worse, losing a tooth altogether. With that being said, let's take a look at LANAP gum treatment, which has become exceptionally popular and is a procedure we carry out here at the Sharma Dental Center.


There are a number of different benefits that are associated with LANAP gum treatment, which is a minimally-invasive gum disease treatment that makes use of a special dental laser. It is the only and first protocol that has been FDA cleared for true regeneration, which is a term used to describe the regrowth of the cementum, new alveolar bone, and new periodontal ligament. These are the three components that are required for complete oral function.


With this treatment for gum disease, you can expect less post-operative pain. This is because there is no need to worry about the stitching or the cutting of the gums. As a consequence, the discomfort after the operation is very minimal. This also means that the recovery time is a lot quicker than many people expect. Most patients find that they can go back to their regular day-to-day activities straight after they have had the treatment, which tends to demand a less than 24-hour recovery period. After having the conventional scalpel and suture surgery, you can expect recovery to take between two and four weeks, with patients experiencing a lot of swelling and pain.


Aside from this, you can expect regeneration without there being any foreign materials. This is because your own healing response in your body is stimulated as a consequence of the special laser that is used. Foreign growth factors do not need to be added. Aside from this, you can expect healthy gums with minimal recession. The tissue will shrink when your gums are cut, meaning more of your tooth root can show. As your gums are not cut with this procedure, this is not something that you will need to worry about.


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