Kids Dentistry

What You Should Know

You naturally want what is best for your child as a parent. Quite a few parents are unaware of how dental care and oral health play into this. Tooth decay (or cavities) is the top most commonly occurring infectious disease among children according to the Center for Disease Control. This causes children to experience toothaches in high numbers, missing days from school and experiencing overall discomfort. Rather than a trivial thing, tooth decay is a condition that can create massive discomfort for your child and even make it difficult for them to speak clearly, eat, and engage in normal daily activities. If you are a Dublin resident and think that this condition will not befall your child, statistically it most likely will. Flossing and brushing at home help but it is not enough. Twice a year you need to bring your child to our kid-friendly dentist office so that we can clean and examine their teeth. We will be able to remove the bacteria and plaque that can lead to cavities by doing this.

Resources You Can Use at Home

In addition to frequently visiting our kid-friendly dentist office, it is important that you practice splendid oral hygiene at home and teach your child to do the same. Our team of dental professionals work with a lot of children under the age of eight and completely understand how challenging it can be to get them enthused about brushing their teeth. Kids have busy lives and asking them to stop building Legos, riding bikes, or playing dress up to brush their teeth can lead to conflict very quickly. We understand. At Sharma Dental Center, we know how to work with young children and understand they are not fascinated by oral health. However, our job is to change their opinion of dental care and show them that it can be interesting and fun. This way they will want to floss and brush their teeth even without being told beforehand. Keeping that in mind, we have a few resources available that we have found to be immensely helpful and suggest you try them at home.

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If you somewhere around Dublin, we invite you to schedule an appointment with our dental staff so that we can examine your child’s teeth and teach him or her how to brush properly. There is a strong chance that they are performing the process wrong and missing a lot of the plaque that has built up on their teeth, even if your child is already brushing. A simple online video tutorial is a good resource you can use at home. You can find one on Youtube or the American Dental Association’s website. Playing an informative video that shows your child how to brush works as a good reminder for them. Also, because they are used to receiving information through screens, they are more likely to receive and digest it better than if you personally reminded them.

At the point when your child starts brushing correctly, it is time to turn your attention to precisely how long they are brushing for. At Sharma Dental Center we encourage all of our patients to brush for twice a day for two minutes regardless of how old they are. However, this can be difficult for a lot of young children that find it difficult to stay still or focus on a task. As a child-friendly dentist, we want children to brush their teeth but staying still aspect isn’t a requirement. Attempt to make it a fun activity to brush teeth by playing their favorite song for two minutes and letting them dance while brushing. You can also play a cartoon or two-minute video clip for them while brushing. There is an entire section of the American Dental Association website devoted to these fun short videos. Watching them with your child will get them to be used to brushing for the full two minutes. We have worked with plenty of families throughout the Dublin area and have discovered that using multimedia works far better than standing there beside them with a stopwatch. The ultimate goal is to create positive associations between having fun and dental care so that your child will continue to brush their teeth as they age.


Here at our kid-friendly dentist office in Dublin, our staff of dental professionals is focused on preventative care. It is of course far better for your child to visit us for standard teeth cleaning than to only see us with a toothache. Fortunately, we can help your child to avoid experiencing any dental discomfort with preventative care. In addition to cleaning their teeth, a dental sealant is one of the resources we use. A lot of children have deep ridges in their teeth. When they bite down and chew food particles, bacteria, and plaque can become trapped in those ridges, eventually creating tooth decay. These ridge areas are especially difficult to clean with a toothbrush alone. Even the most fastidious of parents may find it exceedingly difficult to keep cavities at bay. By using a dental sealant, a protective layer is implanted onto the teeth so that nothing can become lodged in these ridges. The procedure is fast and painless– all that is required is for us to brush a material onto the teeth and allow it to harden. We have found this to be a simple way to prevent our young patients from getting cavities at Sharma Dental Center.