Implant Supported Dentures

At the Sharma Dental Center, we provide our patients with a more dependable, comfortable, and durable alternative to dental bridges, traditional dental implants and dentures: the implant supported dentures. If you reside in Dublin, CA or nearby areas, please get in touch with us at (925) 833-6200 to schedule your initial consultation to know how implant supported dentures can be a better alternative.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are a convenient and long-lasting way to replace your infected or missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, these remain securely in place and don’t come to lose due to eating or high-impact activities. You will also no longer experience gum irritation due to dentures brushing against them.

The Procedure of Implant Supported Dentures

At the pre-procedure phase, we first examine your gums to check for infection and address it before beginning the procedure. Then an X-ray is taken to determine the bone density of your jawbone so that it can support the implants. Our dentist takes measurements and an impression of your mouth to create your new customized false teeth in a dental lab.

The actual procedure begins with numbing of your gums through anesthesia, placing four small implants underneath your gum line. Our dentist places the implants, and the dentures are tightly fitted in: without any application of messy adhesive for stability.


Can all dentists perform this procedure?

A limited number of dentists can carry out this procedure and offer the prosthetic in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Who can receive implant supported dentures?

Everyone, however, our dentist will first examine if you have gum disease or other infections so that it does not impact the procedure. For example, people with diabetes need to wait until their blood sugar is under control before they receive their implant supported dentures.

Is the procedure effective for long-term users of dentures?

Yes. You can upgrade your dental prosthetic as it provides the added stability of dental implants without a long-drawn procedure.

Is the procedure painful?

At Sharma Dental Center, we ensure a relaxed and comfortable dental procedure experience, and for you to avoid pain, we offer sedation.

When should mini-implants be used?

The terms ‘mini-implants’ and ‘implant supported dentures’ are used interchangeably, and while they perform the same function, there is a significant difference. In a mini-implant, a much smaller titanium screw is used than in a traditional implant. This feature makes a mini-implant ideal for patients having reduced bone density and those who have used dentures for many years.

What can I expect during post-procedure recovery?

Compared to implant surgery, the procedure for implant supported dentures is non-invasive, and you will be back to your routine if you take some necessary precautions. You are advised to avoid eating sharp or difficult to chew foods such as tortilla chips or steak. We recommend that you have warm soup, yogurt, and steamed vegetables. For pain, take ibuprofen.

Is there any difference between traditional dentures and implant supported dentures? Conventional dentures are taken out every night.

To remain in place, they wrap around your gums and also create a suction effect assisted by denture paste, which can be messy. And if your dentures slip, it can be discomforting. But with implant dentures, the implants ensure that the dentures are solidly in place.

To know more about how we carry out the procedure for implant supported dentures, call us at (925) 833-6200 and our experienced staff will provide you with all the details.