Gum Contouring

What is gum contouring or gum reshaping?

When dental patients report large, too small or receded gums affecting their appearance we at the Sharma Dental Center, Dublin, CA, suggest gum contouring or gum reshaping. Like the popular teeth whitening procedure, improving the shape of your gums can also make a significant improvement in your appearance. So, if you feel the shape and size of your gums is affecting your appearance or gum disease is affecting your gums’ shape, please Call Us Today! (925) 833-6200 to arrange for an appointment at our dental clinic. Here are some frequently asked questions and our explanations.

What happens in gum contouring?

It’s a cosmetic procedure to make adjustments to the appearance of your gums. Our dentist removes excess gum tissue responsible for your “gummy” smile and restores the gum tissue to its natural position.

How will I know if I require gum contouring?

If your gums cover too little or too much of your teeth or are uneven, you may need gum reshaping or contouring.

Is the gum contouring procedure painful?

There is a pain, but its level depends on the volume of tissue that will be cut, grafted, or shape. But you can always opt for sedation during the procedure.

What is the post-procedure recovery time?

It depends on the type of tools utilized for the procedure. The use of a scalpel requires sutures and this will cause irritation for some time. Laser treatment, in which there’s no cutting or sutures, decreases recovery time. In both cases, there will be some swelling and discomfort that can be managed through an icepack and ibuprofen medication.

Do I have to follow post-recovery restrictions?

Yes. You have to brush your teeth gently and you can’t consume food or drink that may irritate your gums. Therefore, only a soft diet is recommended such as yogurt. Your dentist will determine when you can return your routine dietary habits. An antibiotic rinse may also be recommended to guard against infection.

Is there any difference between gum shaping and contouring?

No. But contouring often means the use of scalpels and reshaping the usage of lasers.

Is gum contouring just a cosmetic procedure with no medical reasons?

Gum reshaping and grafting is a teeth-saving procedure. And gum shape disturbance may be a sign of gum disease, which needs immediate attention to protect the health of your teeth, roots, and jawbone. But if gum reshaping is not on the basis of a directly affecting dental disease, then it’s a cosmetic procedure with no clear medical reason. Only a qualified dental expert can explain the need for gum contouring.

Will my insurance cover the cost?

It depends on your insurance company. Generally, a company pays partly if the procedure is for health reasons (gum disease treatment) and not for cosmetic reasons (only improving appearance).

Are there any risks associated with gum contouring?

Yes: infection or an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.

I am still confused. What should I do?

Simple, arrange an appointment with Sharma Dental Center, Dublin, CA, so that are experienced dental staff can conduct thorough dental examinations and suggest a number of alternatives that you can choose from to protect your oral health and also maintain your smile and appearance.