Dental Fillings in Dublin, CA

To treat a cavity or repair broken or cracked teeth, our dentist at the Sharma Dental Center, Dublin, CA, removes the decayed portion of your tooth and “fills” it in with a composite dental filling to provide you a natural-looking tooth restoration. A tooth filling is one of the most common dental procedures, and when you meet or speak to us after calling our clinic at (925) 833-6200, our staff will discuss how we will place tooth-colored fillings or replace your existing amalgam fillings through a painless and comfortable dental procedure in under 30 minutes.

Patients can avail of different dental filling materials including porcelain, gold, amalgam (a composite of mercury, zinc, tin, silver, and copper); plastic; and composite resin. In addition to these fillings, dentists also offer the glass ionomer material, which is similar to the composite resin, as a dental filling to repair your teeth.

What are the advantages of using composite material and composite resin fillings?

The color of composite fillings can closely match the color of your existing teeth. The material is especially well-suited for your front or visible parts of your teeth. Composite fillings chemically bond better to your tooth structure and offer more stability. Due to its versatility, the composite filling can also be utilized to repair worn, broken, or chipped teeth.

How Should I Choose Between Silver And A Tooth-Colored Filling?

As they are made of plastic or resin material, tooth-colored fillings are safer. But the material of silver fillings is a metal alloy, which includes mercury, which medical specialists say should be avoided in even trace amounts.

FAQ: COMPOSITE DENTAL FILLINGS What is a composite resin or white filling?

Resin fillings are the same shade as your natural teeth, and while the composite resin is also termed as a “white” filling, it is more like ‘crème.’ Functionally, composite resin fillings and amalgam ones are the same but the former blend in better.

Why should one choose composite over amalgam fillings?

Two advantages of composite tooth fillings stand out over amalgam fillings: they are tooth-colored and don’t stand out, and unlike amalgam fillings, they don’t have mercury inside.

In what situations are composite fillings used?

Composite dental fillings in Dublin, CA are used to restore your tooth structure after discarding the decayed pieces of the tooth. The fillings are also used to restore damage to a tooth: a filling can be used to address chipped tooth and loss of enamel.

Are there any dental requirements to get a filling?

No, but a tooth filling is also a dental restorative procedure, and the patient needs to have reasonably healthy remaining tooth structure. If a significant portion of your tooth structure is absent, then a dental crown may be recommended.

How do composite and tooth-colored dental fillings differ?

Composite dental fillings have just one type whereas dentists can use different types of tooth-colored fillings such as ceramic, resin, plastic, or glass ionomer: out of which composite resin is the most commonly used material.

Are resin fillings long-lasting?

Resin fillings wear down and disintegrate just like normal teeth, but to prolong the use of your filling, practice good oral hygiene, and avoid biting down on hard objects.

How should I take care of my cosmetic fillings?

Take care of the tooth with the filling just like your natural teeth: brush twice daily, floss daily, use fluoride toothpaste, and receive fluoride treatment after discussing it with your dentist. Wearing a mouth guard further protects the filling when participating in high-impact activities.

How soon can I start eating normally?

A tooth filling procedure requires removing the decayed part of your tooth followed by extensive cleaning, putting the composite resin filling on your tooth, and shaping it before letting it harden. Within three days you will get used to eating with the tooth that has the filling. To know more about adjusting after your dental filling procedure and all the benefits of composite tooth fillings, please call us at (925) 833-6200 to arrange for your dental consultation.