Orthodontic braces are dental appliances designed and fabricated to allow teeth movement in the desired direction and pace for a straighter and broader smile. Although there has been a widespread debate about the several orthodontic options available for straightening teeth, people tend to conclude it with metallic braces or aligners. Seldom are patients aware of the many other options available in the dental field to straighten and beautify your smile. Our practice can offer you the same.

Clear Braces

Your clear braces are manufactured to offer the same functionality of traditional braces, but they are even better. We hold out this option for patients because of its uniqueness concerning texture and comfort. Clear braces are made out of a special ceramic composite. Although the composite material is quite clear, the ceramic brackets can nearly match the color of your natural teeth. Are you worried about the visibility of the wires that'd hold the brackets in place? That won't be necessary because they would be white wires. Your clear braces can offer more aesthetics, results, and comfort than what traditional metallic braces do. They are also specially designed not to interrupt your day-to-day activities, which means you can also enjoy your favorite meal even while wearing clear braces without having to worry about them getting stained.

Lingual Braces

Did you think it'd be possible to wear braces behind your teeth? Well, now it can be with lingual braces. Braces that are designed to be worn behind the teeth (the portion of teeth that faces the tongue) are known as lingual braces. They offer great aesthetics, faster results, and are not as visible as you wear them. Concerning efficiency, lingual braces can provide more efficiency than Invisalign due to its enhanced control over teeth movement. Your braces can be custom made for perfect fit and performance. Patients will not experience discomfort during treatment and would notice results faster than other types of braces.

Metal Braces

If we do a bit of deep digging, it is true that the metal brace was the first designed and proven appliance that helped resolve many orthodontic problems in the past. Although many people are aware of this conventional brace, it is a fact that not many are aware of how much researchers have redesigned and improved several parts of the metal brace.

​​​​​​​Your metal braces offer far more aesthetics and comfort than it did back in the days.