Types of Dental Implants: Which One’s Right For You?


Dental implants are the most desirable solution for replacing missing teeth. Nevertheless, many people aren’t aware that rather than just one solution, there are actually several different varieties of dental implants to choose from. Sound overwhelming? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. We have put together a list of the different types of dental implants with all of the information that you need to know in order to make a decision as to which is right for you. And of course, our friendly and knowledgeable dental team are on hand to give you any specific advice that you may need.


Understanding Dental Implants


To understand the various different types of dental implants, you really need to also understand the main technique behind them and what makes them more superior and more desirable than alternative tooth replacement solutions.


The dental implant technique centers around one key element – a titanium post. Whilst most conventional solutions for tooth loss are attached to the mouth using adhesive or by being anchored onto healthy teeth, these titanium posts act as replacement tooth roots to secure the prosthetics in place. The post is inserted into the bone of the jaw in a pre-chosen location. The bone then heals around the post, anchoring it permanently inside your mouth where it protrudes through the gum so that the visible part of the solution can be attached. The healing process, which is called osseointegration, is integral to the success of dental implants. If it doesn’t happen, the implanted post could come loose and fall out, or cause your prosthetic teeth to move around a little and draw unwanted attention to your teeth.


Types of Dental Implants


Now you know the way in which dental implants work, we can look at the different varieties that are available. Unsurprisingly, not all types are suitable for all dental problems, and it will be a case of determining which is the most appropriate for your circumstances.


Single dental implants


Single dental implants are used to replace single missing teeth. They have one titanium post and one prosthetic tooth which is made from a porcelain crown and then attached to the post. Each crown is custom-designed specifically in the shape, size, and color needed to closely resemble your natural teeth so that nobody around you knows that you have ever had a gap in your smile.


Implant-supported bridges


An implant-supported bridge combines the design of a conventional bridge with the dental implant technique. Your bridge will be bespoke to you and will be placed onto approximately two implant posts. These will anchor the entire device to your jaw and ensure that it doesn’t move around. One of the biggest benefits of an implant-supported bridge is that it doesn’t require your healthy teeth that are neighboring the gap to be filed down or used as supporting structures. This enables them to stay healthy and intact.


Implant-supported dentures


Like an implant-supported bridge, implant-supported dentures combine the design of conventional dentures with implant technology. Your customized arch of prosthetic teeth will be created specifically for your smile, in the perfect style to restore your smile. These teeth are attached to an acrylic mold that sits over the top of your gums, and this is secured onto between approximately four and eight implant posts depending on whether you are having a full or partial denture. Again, implant-supported dentures are much more secure than conventional varieties, giving patients unrivaled stability, durability, and convenience.


All-on-4 dental implants


Unlike conventional implants that require the bone to regrow around the posts before they can be loaded with your final prosthetic teeth, All-on-4 dental implants can be placed in just one appointment. They can be used to restore an entire arch of teeth at one time, enabling you to benefit from a total smile transformation. All-on-4 dental implants are placed at specific locations and specific angles within the mouth that make them so secure that they can be loaded with your restoration immediately. This is also made possible by CAD-CAM technology which designs and manufactures your denture whilst you wait. All-on-4 dental implants are ideal for patients who need their smile restored in a hurry!



Choosing which dental implant solution is right for you can be confusing. If you are still unsure which will be the perfect way to restore your smile, our team would be delighted to help. Please contact Sharma Dental Center in Dublin, CA today by calling (925) 592-3800.